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 in response to Kerii18...   

i don't think i would be able to get help because i dropped the pfa against him but i don't think i can get a loan for a car i don't work because i have no car and when my car was repoed it was in an accident the week before and never got fixed so i owe them over 20,000 because of it

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 in response to crystalh...   

Crystalh's.... ok, now that changes a bit.  there is finacial grants for women of abuse.... however its not easy to get. There has to be numberous police reports, hospital reports, CPS cases against the father ect Full custody of the kids with out fathers rights is a plus . Anything could help!!!   Now if you call your local city abuse help, or places of counciling they may help you get closer to getting help and possibly a grant.  These organizations/ crisis counsiling may help you by pass the process of grant approval. other wise like I stated before theres a long process, paper work... writing essays of why you deserve help over others.  I will keep and eye out for you.... but with the economy their is not much money out there... unless you have these crisis/court/doctors/Psychiatris ect.. help you get help!   Good luck to you.

Oh, I myself have been in a fincial hardship and I have my vehicle reposesd... do you know that, with a job... even horrible credit.. its still easy to get a new/used vehicle. It may take up to six months... but I promise you.. if you have at least $800-$1500 deposit.. they can find a lender that will get you a loan!  reguardless of history.  I know this because after it worked for me.. I have helped over 20+ people with recent repo's, horrible credit history, new jobs get financed for a NICE car and Low payments!   A home is alot harder.  A lil trick  Ive learned... You need to re-establish your credit.  YOU MUST have at least 3 Secured credit cards... that means you put a deposit of $300 towards your credit card.  (NO PREPAID CARDS THAT REPORT TO CREDIT AGENCIES)  It has to be through a bank or find a REPUTABLE CREDIT CARD aggency such as Capital One, FIRST PREMIERE, ect.  Never use more then you can pay twords your payment.  KEEP A GOOD STANDING and used em... each month...  if you know you only have $40 for grocries.. you only use $40-60... And send that $40 for the payment... Never pay off the full amount... do a lil more then the minimum.  By doing this.. it re-establishes your credit...and will have you in good standing if you keep up with em.  Your score will rise any where from 50-250 points in no time. TRUST ME!  this is a must!!!!!  Even use these credit cards to pull minimum cash and send to your previous credit cards to slowly pay em off. 

I hope this helps you a lil.. I promise if you have faith you will get out of your situation in no time. PLEASE READ my .~*Something To Remember*~.  its helped so many just reading it.

take care and god bless you and your family!

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 in response to dann46...   

did it work for you

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 in response to Kerii18...   

i had leave my kids dad because he was abusive and lost my job on top of it my car just got reposessed

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 in response to crystalh...   

Crystalh's... It depends obviously on your situation.....  im sooo sorry to inform you that there is absolutley NO grant out there that helps people who are in debt.  Now there are grants for people with disablities, having trouble with buisnesses, single abused parents and different grants for Indian Tribes.   There are also Grants for people that have had a Disaster, such as fire, tornado, hurricane, flood ect... made by mother nature... and Few by prove arrsen.  However if your the normal average JO... and your struggling like everyone else... whether job, economy, debt, ect... there is nothing.  Now the some states have programs to help you keep your home... but not your car.  If you have already lost these.... Im sorry to inform you that YOU WILL NOT GET THESE BACK. Its a tough world out there.  If you have already have lost these due to finacial status.... their are programs depending on your county and state that offer Career counciling and debt counsiling.... Most people assume that they dont want to do that... that theyve already hit rock bottom...and its a waist of their time.   What these people dont know... is the county/goverment has programs and non-profit organizations and TONS of money to help these people who have just went through all their training... and they HELP them Get into homes, reguardless of credit, 9/10 people get jobs by referal... and usually they pay pretty well.  Like I said, I dont know your situation... but this is something you should check into.  And even if there were grants out there that fit your issue.. it doesnt happen over night... they ussually take weeks to months even years... depending on your grant request!   If you dont mind be a little more specific of you issue.  You may email my personal email at  I hope this helps you!


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 in response to Kerii18...   

do you have any idea where i can find a legit grant i am desperate i have lost everything and i need to come up with 40,000 so i can get my car and house back

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 in response to meka4...   

meka4's  the best and only way for getting legit grants for school is to apply for a grant called FASFA... they ask for 2007 tax info.. so have that ready.. have the school of choice's ID CODE.  YOU NEED TO DO IT SOON.  Once you have applied for that, the school gets the info,  they will then tell you if you qualify for the BOG grant... which will pay for your classes up to a certain amount.  I was awarded $300 per semester...Im only taking 3 classes.. and it pays for all of them and has money left over.  the school also lets you know if you qualify for the pell grant and any other finacial aid... if you dont, they help you get student loans.  THEY DO ALL THE PAPER WORK...and RESEARCH for you!  You just have to fill out the FASFA application.  Let me know if this helps you!


Good LUCK!

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Hi there.. I read what you wrote and Let me tell you, Those are COMPLETE SCAMS!  I do research on Grants and try to get grants for Non Profit organizations... I myself struggle finacially at times, and have looked into those!  Their is NOTHING out there other then assistance from the goverment if you qualify for low-income help... and basicly.. they only assist you with food stamps, low income houseing, ect.  The only grants that are out there to help women, are for Abused Women.  Theres NO SUCH thing as Grants to help with Rent, Debt ect.  However most cities, states have aid to help with fincial issues, but those are training classes on how to get your finaces straight, or to help you from not loosing your home ect.  But if your the average JO... Like me has made a few mistakes in life, and is in credit debt, and a finacial hard ship...theres NOTHING out there for us!  Pretty Sad HUH!  Please Please... Dont PAY FOR THOSE sites.  They give you info on what grants are out there... But THEY ARE SO HARD TO GET.. 95% dont apply to the normal person....And with the Economy theres no money in those grants, and alot of those state that they are simpily out of funds and try next year.... or like I said.. they dont apply to most people.  I hope this helps you a lil bit.  Like I said I have alot of info on grants and I personally research them... Good luck to you!

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 in response to NancyMcGuire...   

im interested please call me 615-336-5421 and leave message

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goodness don't do anything about paying for any cds it's a hoax. i found out you can to the library and look it there for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Does anyone know about the Websites advertised for Women to get grants to pay off bills or get out of debt or start businesses?  & it says it costs 1.99 or 2.49 or whatever.  Do these work or is it just a scam? 

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 in response to PICIANP...   

Dear Picianp:

You can work for us doing referrals.  It is not hard, you don't need to invest any money, and you don't have to sell anything---just get them interested get their name, e-mail, and telphone numbers, we do the rest and you earn $50.00 every one that uses us.  For more info contact me at and I will call you if you leave a number if not I'll e-mail you the info.  You can do this by computer or phone or both or in person.  I hope I helped.  PLEASE don't do anything you'll regret.  We all love you here on Aid Page and you are now in everyone's prayers I'm sure.  Keep the Faith and God will answer your prayers.  Sincerely, Nancy McGuire

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 in response to Help with a start...   

First off it's impossible to get a grant unless you are an existing business or researcher.  You have to contact the granter using the funding number via proposal letter. IF they respond you will be expected to send your business plan for them to peruse. They then will consider a grant to you.

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 in response to Panann65...   

Have them to contact the financial aid rep/counselor of the college they are planning on attending.  This counselor can assist them with filling out the paperwork & inform them of grants, financing available.

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I need to know how to go about to get the grant help for my children to start classes in college please dont waist my time cause I am only able to be on the computer for  a short time before the pain gets so bad I have to stop like now. PLEASE HELP ME!!! AND MY CHILDREN  I FEEL LIKE I STOLE THERE EDUCATION BECAUSE OF MY ACCIDENT AND AFTER THAT THERE DADDY DIED IN HIS SLEEP. IF I COULD DO IT I WOULD NOT BE ASKING FOR HELP....ANN ( GOD BLESS YOU IF YOU CAN HELP ME I PRAY THIS IS A TRUE SITE.......MY CHILDREN HAVE NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT LOOSING THERE EDUCATION IN COLLEGE AND THEY TAKE SUCH GOOD CARE OF ME I LOVE THEM MORE THAN ANYTHIG BESIDES GOD

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Help with a start
Does anyone know of any federal cash grants and if so do you know the requirements?
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